Vanessa, Australië

Raimond is my guardian angel. He has rescued me on so many occasions. I am so grateful for meeting him here. He is a great host. On the first day of meeting him, he picked me and my bike up from Amsterdam and took me to a town by the beach. We also visited his friend to help him with computer problems.

The next day, his radio station he started had their 25th anniversary so I watched him be interviewed. I found his radio station fascinating! He dropped me to Amsterdam for some of my interviews, we went together to the casino, Saturday markets and I accompanied him to his storage place to drop some tables.

I felt very comfortable with him. I met a lot of his friends, exes, sauna buddies, taxi buddies, radio buddies. It was a great insight into his life. A life of a journalist. We played fun games too like anti-monopoly with his other friend Raymond. And I learnt a new game called rumico (something like that).

Raimond is great at whipping up a range of dishes that cost very little. Like me, he loves his specials. Thanks so much Raimond for your quirky sense of humour, and making me feel so at home. You are like family 🙂