Jacky, Nicaragua

Raimond, was an excellent host, he offered me help a few months ago and I could not go, but now I returned with my best friend and my boyfriend and told him that he was looking for options and he took care of me at all times and received us at three at the last moment, we waited at the train station and he took us to his house, we were able to cook together and excellent conversations he is very informed about his city. He was a great guide to take us to the beautiful market and everything we wanted he knew where he was. He got along very well with my boyfriend and we loved sharing with him. Thank you for giving us shopping tips for our wedding and helping us find the shoes hard to find. Thank you Friend for giving us that beautiful afternoon on the beach and for all your great attention. We are very sorry that in the end we were very afraid of not being able to catch the bus to Denmark but thanks to you everything went perfect. Haha and the great experience of being in your radio program.