Andrés, Colombia

If there is a definition of kindness and knowledge the Raimond’s photo should be in some point of the definition. There are a lot of things that make Raimond a very good host; Beyond the fact that Raimond’s apartment is located in a good geographical point which could connect some other interesting towns and cities in North Holland, he is journalist and has a HUGE list of things to tell. I understood than Netherlands and its culture is much more than just a coffee shop in Amsterdam. He wanted to spend a very high quality time with me and we went to the beach of Wijk aan Zee. When I think in Netherlands, I never thought in beaches but yes, there I was, walking in the beach, seeing people surfing, and listening of the very first war between Aliens and Netherlands:) (know him to get a better context of the joke). We went to Alkmaar and we tried Harris and some other local food. He is a trustful man with a big heart and ready to serve people.